This section of the website introduces to the structure of the concert called Dr. SALIL LATAY - LIVE IN CONCERT (Earlier known as Geetanjali Express - the concert). This is done in the Question Answer Session like a FAQs Session of any product or website - Just to get all the points straight across to you.

1. What is the name of this concert?

A. The name of the concert is Dr. SALIL LATAY - LIVE IN CONCERT. It has three modules - LIGHT GHAZAL  / SOFT MELODY ORIENTED FILM MUSIC / BHAKTIGEET. It is presented in the format of VOCAL SONATA.

2. What is this Concert about?

A. DR. SALIL LATAY – LIVE IN CONCERT is a concert of Indian (Hindustani) Light Music better known as Sugamsangeet in India. It is a vocal presentation, i.e. it is a concert of singing.

3. What is the language of this concert?

A. Frankly speaking, music has its language of its own, very distinct from any spoken or written language. It is the language of feelings, emotions, creativity and appreciation. But yes… this concert is presented in the language of Hindustani (A Mix of Hindi + Sanskrit + Urdu) - The real language of India.

4. What is the content of this concert – a concert in Sugamsangeet?

A. This concert consists of songs in various moods of Sugamsangeet – romance, joy, sorrow, spirituality, philosophy and devotion – These are all the facets of every one of us.

5. What is the theme of the concert?

A. Dr. SALIL LATAY - LIVE IN CONCERT is a story of one’s life. It is yours, mine and everybody’s life story. This is represented by various melody oriented songs. The ones created by Legends over time and the ones created by their student. All to be enjoyed in a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere with the famous tagline – Peace of mind guaranteed! The need of the hour.

6. What is the presentation style of this concert?

A. Dr. Salil Latay has a very unique way of presenting his concert. It is presented with only ONE artists on stage. Himself on the SYNTHESIZER - PIANO. Inspired by various Indian stalwarts of yester years – many of them still practice it today, such a presentation format is a rare sight for today’s times given its commercial proposition. The Format is named "VOCAL SONATA" by Dr. Salil Latay.

7. What is this term VOCAL SONATA? Never heard of it?

A. 1) It is a total solo singing concert by Dr. Salil Latay. It is not at all a musical orchestra or a music band performance.
2) The total singing, playing the whole music on the SYNTHESIZER - PIANO and also the commentary – All done simultaneously by a single artist – that’s Dr. Salil Latay.
3) The term SONATA is a concept from Western Classical Music - Music Written specially for solo performances - mostly Piano with no other intrument on stage.
4) To this, Dr. Salil Latay has added his Voice - Hence this Indian in Ethos - Global in Presentation format is called - VOCAL SONATA!

One line to sum up the uniqueness of this presentation format – as many have said themselves “Seen and listened to be believed!”

8. Why is the presentation format kept this way? Any specific reason for this?

A. There are two reasons –

1) The entire mood and atmosphere of the concert is very homely. It is a format, as one would sing with friends at home or with near and dear ones, which is again a rare thing today.
2) This being a concert by a small team – can be easily coordinated and the overhead expenses from the organisational point of view are far too less and cost effective. This however does not mean that only a Single artist means low in output quality. Definitely NO! We would only say that the concept of Dr. SALIL LATAY – LIVE IN CONCERT is an absolute ‘User Friendly’ Concept.

9. One Final Question – When, Where and How exactly can this concert be arranged?

A. WHEN - The answer to this question is very simple and straight. Any day you wish, Yes any day. Be it any occasion like National Festivals, National Days, Conferences, Meets, Social Events, Religious Events or Festivals or any other day as said earlier. Music is a part of our everyday life, just look around you. So any day and this musical Concert by Dr. Salil Latay will be presented… for you. Arranged, organised or sponsored by You!
All it takes is your will to do something positive about it. Where there is a will of a Rasikjan (Connoisseur of Good Music), there sure is a way. WHERE- This concept in the past 13 years has travelled its journey from a Rasikjan's Drawing Room at Home to Ticketed Concerts in Auditoriums and Theatres. So any location and We are just fine with it.
HOW - Just write to us on geetanjaliexpress@gmail.com and book your active support in this unique mission of melody - the need of the hour.



1. What is the ALBUM called Geetanjali Express about?

A. Geetanjali Express is an album of Indian (Hindustani) Light Music better known as Sugamsangeet in India. It is a vocal presentation, i.e. it is an album of singing.

2. Why is this ALBUM called Geetanjali Express – A rather strange name for a musical album?

A. 3 solid reasons
1) Geetanjali in Hindi literally means Geet + Anjali = An offering of good meaningful songs to you Rasikjans (Connoisseur of Good Music)

2) Every letter in the word Geetanjali signifies the contents of this concept. Ge – Geet meaning songs, Ta – Taal meaning Rhythm, Ja – Jazbat meaning Emotions - Music is all about it, Isn’t it? Li – In Urdu, stands for a nice term – Liyaqat – meaning respect for others (here our respect for you – Rasikjans (Connoisseur of good music)

3) Why Express – Every musical ALBUM concept is a journey – the story of life. This journey passes in form of a song through all the important destinations on the way of life, just like an express train stopping on only important stations on the route.

3. What is this S1 / S2 / B1. Never heard of that for a music album. always heard of Vol 1, Vol 2. Part 1, Part 2, Part A, Part B

A. The answer is right there in the question itself. S1 is exactly similar to all the other formats in the series setup. As a tribute to the legendary Indian Railways – the perfect epitome of a balanced and harmonious Indian way of life, all parts of the series produced by Dr. Salil Latay have adopted the numbering system of the Sleeper Class (denoted by S) / AC Three Tier (denoted by B)coaches of Indian Railways. S1 was released on 15 Sept 2010 and a remastered version was rereleased in October 2012. B1 was released on 28 Oct 2012. It is the instrumental version of S1. S2 was released in 01 September 2013 and B2 is in the pipeline.

4. What is the theme of this album?

A. Geetanjali Express is a story of one’s life. It is yours, mine and everybody’s life story. This is represented by various melody oriented songs.

5. Who are the lyricists of the songs in this album?

A. The first of the series known as Geetanjali Express S1 has all songs written by a well known poet from Pune - Nazeer Fatehpuri - Who commands a respectable postion in the world of Modern Indian Urdu Literature.
Geetanjali Express S2 has lyrics by Nazeer Fatehpuri, Prabha Mathur - Another commanding personality in the world of Hindi Literature along with Mukund Raiker and Amol.

6. Who has composed these songs?

A. All these songs are musically composed by Dr. Salil Latay.

7.Where is this album CD sold?

A This CD is sold mostly through live concerts or sold through post. For details write to geetanjaliexpress@gmail.com today.