01 Mar 2019 - Panaji


Mission of Melody travels to the ‘Gomantak’ – the present day beautiful state of Goa. A state packed with natural, architectural, spiritual and cultural beauty.

The epicentre of the vibrant cultural activity is the State Government owned Kala Academy Goa – a prestigious venue for every artist to perform.

My dream came true when I could present my Vocal Sonata in front of one the most wonderful, mature audience with a memorable performance. The perfect setup for my genre of Sukoonbhare Nagme.  A fantastic response from the real Rasikjans.

Thank You Atulji and Lataji Mishra for the opportunity and hope to receive your continued blessings.

And Yes...Thank You Gomantak (Goa) – “Haav Tumcho Abhaari Asaa, Dev Bare Karu” (I am truly grateful, God Bless You).