02 Sept 2017 - Pune


Jumbish, Pune Presents...Dr. Salil Latay - Live in Concert - The Vocal Sonata.
02 Sept 2017, Saturday at 07PM. Swojas Society, Parihar Chowk, Aundh, Pune.
Thank You Jumbish and Thank You - The Wonderful Audience at Swojas Society, Aundh, Pune.
With the Sound Engineer of this Concert - Pradeep Nargund of Pinak Audio, Pune.
With all those who made the concert of 02 September 2017 possible.
(L to R) Shankar Mridha (Jumbish, Pune), Dr. Salil Latay, Devraj Ligade (Sec - Swojas Soc), Mr. Palekar (Member - Swojas Soc).
Thank You All!