04 Dec 2019 - Bhusaval


04 December 2019 – Bhusaval

When the organiser has more faith and confidence in your concert concept than you – it’s a memory for life as a Performing Artist.

An unexpected first of its kind, both in avenue and occasion, Mr. Pradeep Dave – former academician in Bhusaval organised my Concert of Sukoonbhare Nagme with Vocal Sonata for the celebration of the marriage of his son.

I being highly unsure about the response to my unique concept against the general approach towards music presentations in a typical Indian marriage celebration setting decided to take this opportunity as a challenge keeping my fingers crossed. And... I was happy to see that I was so very wrong.

A majestic setting, nearly 1000+ audience, appreciating and cheering each song and thoroughly enjoying Sukoon with meaningful songs in an atmosphere of celebration, festivity and pomp.

I was utterly surprised by the number of enquires I got, to this totally unexplored avenue for me till date. My Vocal Sonta with Sukoonbhare Nagme has a new chapter to its story.

The credit for this goes to Mr. Pradeep Dave and his family – Thank You so much Sir for this honour, belief and trust.
Thank You to the wonderful audience. I Thank You Bhusaval. A trip to remember.






With the man who got me to Bhusaval - Thank You so much Mr. Pradeep Dave.