04 Oct 2017 - Pune


Lions Club of Poona - Kothrud & Lions Club of Pune - Chattushrungi Presents...On the Occasion of Kojagiri (Sharad Poonam) Dr. Salil Latay - Live in Concert - The Vocal Sonata. An Evening of Soulful Melodies in Light Ghazal and Filmy Geet for the Club Members and the residents of Matoshree Old Age Home, Karvenagar, Pune. Thank You Each and Every One at Matoshree for the overwhelming response to each and every song. Thank You Mr. Nagesh Chavan (President - Lions Club of Poona - Kothrud) for this opportunity and honour!
Overwhelming Response from the wonderful audience! 
"He is all alone on stage, What a performance, Every Word was alive, the expressions kept the audience on their seats for almost 2 hours!, He reminds me of Hemantda!" Thank You Sir for your kind words of appreciation. 
All those who made it possible for My Vocal Sonata to reach this wonderful audience.
Thank You All. (L to R) Mr. Krishna Sunder, -, Mr. Nilajkar, Mr. Nitin Khond (All Lions Club of Pune - Chattushrungi), Dr. Salil Latay, Mr. Nagesh Chavan (President - Lions Club of Poona - Kothrud - The Driving Force for this concert at Matoshree - Thank You so much Sir), Mr. Khond Sr. Thank a lot!
Team 04 October 2017 - Vocal Sonata. With Sound Engineer - Pradeep Nargund. Thank You Pradeepji as always!