04 Sept 2020 - Pune


A new journey begins...

As a Singer of Sukoonbhare Nagme, I invite you to join me on an online journey with – My Favourite Songs, as a Live Online Mehfil Series on my YouTube Channel, as Dr. Salil Lātay LIVE – My Favourite Songs.

Songs that have made an everlasting impact on me, shaped me, formed me  – all thanks to the great power of words and notes by Lyricists and Composers transcending beyond the worldly barriers and divisions of genres, languages and formats – all resulting in the Singer, Musician, Stage Performer and a Composer that I am today.

A Tribute to various Gurus and a few of my own creations created under the Sanskaars of these greats... 

Presented the inaugural episode on the eve of Teacher’s Day 04 September 2020 with a spectacular response.