06 Mar 2020 - Pune


06 March 2020 – Pune

ICFAI Business School (IBS) – A top class management institute known all over India – its Pune branch decided to thank the corporates – that have supported, mentored and employed their students. This was done in a most unique way. An evening of celebration aptly titled ‘Shukraan’, featuring – Ek Mehfil Sukoonbhare Nagmo Ke Naam. Dr. Salil Latay – Live in Concert – Vocal Sonata.

My third concert for IBS Pune in the past 2 ½ years. What an honour indeed! Thank You IBS Pune, Thank You Prof. Jyoti Tilak (Director) and her team for this great opportunity. Thank You Mr. Akash Saxena (Dy. Chief Manager – Placements) for the coordination.



With those who got my Vocal Sonata for the 3rd time to this prestigious institution - Prof. Jyoti Tilak (Director) and Mr. Akash Saxena (Dy. Chief Manager - Placements). Thank You so much.


The wonderful gathering




Thank You IBS Pune.