08 Feb 2020 - Pune


08 Feb 2020 - Pune
A widely acclaimed concept fast gaining popularity – unique and easiest to organise.
The full Theatre Concert right in the comforts of one’s cosy home – I officially call it – Home Concert.

Veteran Steel Man of India – Engineer, Educationist, Administrator with various establishments of India and abroad – Dr. Shilowbhadra Banerjee organised an evening of Sukoonbhare Nagme at his residence with his special invitees as audience.

An overwhelming response to each and every song, coupled with a real, frank, serious and open discussion regarding the present day state of affairs of Live Music Presentations and the ever increasing importance of my Mission of Melody with Vocal Sonata. What an evening!

Thank You Dr. Banerjee and Mrs. Banerjee for this honour and Thank You to each one the wonderful audience.






The wonderful audience!


With Dr. Shilowbhadra and Mrs. Sujata Banerjee


Thank You Dr. Shilowbhadra Banerjee for this wonderful opportunity.