08 July 2017 - Pune


Taroof Sukhanwarane Udru in association with Gyaan Adab Cultural Centre, Pune - in the presentation series - Guldasta - E - Urdu Presents...Ek Fanquar. An interactive session with Sahitya Academy Award Winner for Urdu Literature - Janab Dr. Nazeer Fatehpuri (Shaayar /Geetkar/ Poet/ Playwright/ Screenplay Writer/ Novelist/ Publisher/ Editor), Lyricist to most of my songs of my albums - Geetanjali Express S1 and S2. Interview conducted by Mrs. Vijaya Tecksingani. Direction by Mr. Zia Baghpati. Composer and Singer Dr. Salil Latay singing the creations of Dr. Fatehpuri in his Vocal Sonata Format. 08 July 2017, Saturday, 0630PM at Gyaan Adab, Kalyani Nagar, Pune. Thank You Mrs. Vijaya Tecksingani, Mr. Zia Baghpati and Gyaan Adab for this honour. Photos - Jagadishdatta Latay and Shekhar Ramiah.
Mr. Randhir Khare (Director - Gyaan Adab) with his opening remarks. 
The concept of Ek Fanquar by Taroof Sukhawarane Urdu explained by the Director - Mr. Zia Baghpati (A noted Shaayar in Urdu)
The Interview
Dr. Salil Latay singing Ghazals and Geets of Nazeer Fatehpuri from his albums Geetanjali Express S1 and S2. 
Unfolding the story of his life and his journey with literature! 
Listening to another of my song...penned by Nazeer Sahab! 
With various dignitaries after the event. — with Meenakshi Bhalerao, Vijaya Tecksingani, Mr. Munawar Peerbhoy, Nazeer Fatehpuri, Mrs. Nazeer Fatehpuri and Zia Baghpati 
Happy to meet Mr. Munawar Peerbhoy (Chairman - Haji Gulam Mohammad Azam Education Trust, Pune). He has been the biggest supporter of Nazeer Sahab's literary works and was also a great support for the release of my first album - Geetanjali Express S1 in 2010 at The Assembly Hall of the Azam Campus, Pune. He and his wife Mrs. Mumtaz Peerbhoy continue to attend by various concerts in Pune and always have words of encouragement. Here too, I met him after nearly 2.5 years and the first question he asks - "Aur, Kaise Chal Rahi Hain Aapki Geetanjali Express?" Thank You Sir! 
Mr. Farooq Merchant (Founder & Trustee - Gyaan Adab Cultural Centre, Pune) attended this event. He quipped - I missed the last one of your concert in June. Heard a lot about you, so wanted to hear for myself. Thank You Sir. Thank You for your vision of Gyaan Adab.
A memorable photo indeed. With Mr and Mrs. Nazeer Fatehpuri. Nazeer Sahab has been awarded with the prestigious Sahitya Academy Award for 2017 in Urdu Literature. What a great honour for Urdu, City of Pune and for me personally - Getting the honour to compose as many as 12 songs till date of the great Shaayar/Geetkar. His wife - I am told does not make public appearances to concerts. There is only one exception to this rule - Dr. Salil Latay's Concert. She has attended many of my concerts in Pune till date and always looks forward for the next. What more can I ask for. I am touched!