10 Oct 2021 - Pune

10 Oct 2021 - Remembering Jagjit Singh - An Online Tribute Concert on the 10th Death Anniversary of "The King of Ghazal"
by KCA Phoenix Studio, Pune - featuring Pt. Hrishikesh Mahale & Dr. Salil Lātay....singing their favourite creations of the Maestro.


A superb concept, wonderfully created and executed by Pt. Hrishikesh Mahale and his entire team at KCA Phoenix Studio, Pune.
I am truly honoured to be a part of this Special Concert. Thank You KCA Phoenix Studio, Thank You Panditji...


A Big Thank You to all those who attended the Premiere Broadcast and beyond and appreciated our tribute to the Legend!

Long Live the Glory of Jagjit Singhji! One of my many Gurus who have guided me in my Journey with my Mission of Melody.

Mhaaro Prannaam.




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Alternately You can see the photographs of this event on... Just Click the link

https://www.facebook.com/DrSalilLatayVocalSonata Photos 10 Oct 2021