13 Jan 2018 - Akola


The Berar General Education Society, Akola Presents....On the eve of its 83rd Foundation Day....Ek Shaam Sukoonbhare Nagmo Ke Naam...Dr. Salil Latay - Live in Concert - Vocal Sonata. A Concert of Light Ghazal and Filmy Geet. Shri. Radhakisan Toshniwal Science College Auditorium, Akola. 13 Jan 2018, Saturday at 0630PM. A Concert for the Staff and Management of BGES, Akola. Vocal Sonata for Educational Institutions! A New Chapter for Mission of Melody. Thank You Akola (My 17th Concert in this great city in my journey of 14 years!!!). Thank You - The Berar Gen. Edu. Soc, Akola and Dr. Rajeev Biyani for this honour!
Dr. Rajkumar Heda (President, BGES) with his address along with Adv. Motisingh Mohta (Sec, BGES) and
Mr. Mukund Joshi (Chairman - Cultural Commitee of BGES, Akola) 
The wonderful audience who was appreciative with claps and cheers at almost every song. They even sang a few songs in chorus.
The Staff and Management of various Colleges of BGES, Akola.
The Man who got me to this 17th concert in Akola in the past 14 years. Dr. Rajeev Biyani - Newspaper Publisher of a Marathi Daily from Akola - Matrubhumi and also a Businessman and Educationist. A kind soul who has been one of my greatest supporters of my concerts and my ideologies about my Mission of Melody right from the day we met first in Dec 2003. Thank You Sir for the many opportunities and hope to continue receiving your blessings and guidance in the future too! He really loved this concept of Vocal Sonata and was all praise for it - I am blessed Sir! Thank You!
With various staff members after the concert. Also seen to my left is another grand supporter of My Mission of Melody - actually organising many concerts - Former Principal of Sitabai Arts College, Akola - also a well known figure in Marathi Literature in Vidarbha - Dr. Vimal Bhalerao. She was specially there to see and bless my Vocal Sonata! Thank You Madam! 
A Family epitomizing real Social Work - Mrs. Manjushree Kulkarni and Mr. Govind Kulkarni of Saksham Kshitij, Akola - An organisation working for education of the Blind. Also into a Confectionary Business to support the Blind Students who work under their banner generating employment and sales. They both have also been organisers of many of my concerts - where my concert is used for a Social Cause. The best way to take my Mission of Melody to the right kind of audience supporting a great cause. Thank You Madam and Sir for attending and blessing!
With the staff from various colleges of BGES, Akola. They were very appreciative right from the first song. Thank You each one of you!