13 June 2020 - Gtr. New York


13 June 2020

Mission of Melody reaches the shores of the greatest democracy of the world – United States of America.....online...

United States welcomes and appreciates my mission of presenting Sukoonbhare Nagme. What a response, what appreciation, what enthusiasm...Wow!

Across states from East to West  coast – New York area, Ohio, Connecticut, Virginia, Michigan, Kentucky, Maryland, Georgia, Texas, California, Washington to name a few - all organised from the Greater New York area as the landing/broadcasting base of my Mehfil of Sukoonbhare Nagme.

Thank You United States. I am truly honoured.

A special thanks to Ms. Vidyut J. Latay and her lovely family – Ram Iyer, Arshia & Vivaan for helping me reach this memorable milestone in style.

P.S. The surname...sounds familiar....that’s right...Vidyut Latay - my little sister, an award winning Documentary Filmmaker and a Designer....
more about her on www.vidyutlatay.com