13 Sept 2019 - Daund


Vocal Sonata travels to the town of Daund on 13 September 2019, 75 kms East of Pune, known to all rail travellers as an important junction.
I must have travelled through this junction umpteen times by trains until now, but never ever thought of actually stepping out of the railway junction area into a quiet place also known for its base camps of Maharashtra State Reserve Police Force SRPF Group 5 and 7.

Thanks to Rotary Club of Daund which celebrated its 22nd Charter Day with my Concert of Sukoonbhare Nagme as a special musical gift to its members along with the valiant Jawans, Officers and families of SRPF Group 5 in their amphitheatre.

A huge 70mm Film screen turned into a grand stage and my solo concert – Solo to the tee – gets a unique opportunity – highly appreciated by nearly 300+ audience, dignitaries with some foreign guests too.

Thank You Daund, Thank You Rotary Club of Daund, Thank You Rt. Pramodkumar Khangal (P - RCDD).