16 June 2020 - Los Angeles


16 June 2020

A daughter in Los Angeles (USA) is concerned and worried about the loneliness and despair her elderly parents face back home due to these present times....thinking of ways out for them...attends and hears my concert from Greater New York...and gets the answer....

She decides to gift my concert of Sukoonbhare Nagme to her parents back home. But it is just a start... she reaches out to her friends and others she knows in far away land from home and their parents at various locations all over the globe....all attending a very special Mehfil...just for them...right in the comforts of their home...online!

What a noble thought, what a wonderful effort....My Salutations to you – Ms. Rachana Ravindran of Los Angeles (USA). Arranging my concert for a great cause is a great honour for me. Thank You so much.

This very idea and concept have been thought off and implemented by many in the past in India - individuals, organisations and even corporates; but this presentation crossed over the boundaries of location and time...making it truly global in every sense.

Thank You once again United States...You have been very kind.
Starting with the Atlantic Eastern Gateway of Greater New York...now to the Pacific Western Gateway of Los Angeles.

The journey continues...