16 Nov 2019 - Pune


Col. Ram Kumar Sharma of the famous Dakshana India Educational Trust (A unique initiative similar to the Super 30 concept)
and leading Astrologer & Life Coach Ms. Dolly Manghat Presents...

Dr. Salil Latay - Live in Concert - Vocal Sonata – The Solo Concert.
Ek Shaam Dil Ko Chhute, Sukoonbhare Nagmo Ke Naam.

"A Concert right in the comforts of your home - I call it Home Concert".
A Wonderful setup and an electrifying audience.

Saturday, 16 November 2019 at St. Patricks Town, Solapur Road, Pune.
Thank You all those who attended and blessed this 'Mission of Melody'!
Thank You Col. Ram Sharma & Ms. Dolly Manghat for this memorable opportunity.





Thank You Col. Ram Kumar Sharma