17 Oct 2017 - Pune


Happy to be a part of this wonderful Concert. Tueday,17 Oct 2017, 5PM at Balgandharva Rangamandir, Pune. Sursangini Presents...A Tribute to the Legendary Jagjit Singh - Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar. Featuring Eminent Singers from Nagpur - Avinash Ghonge, Vilas Pujari, Tanuja Deshpande. Management by Ramdas Gaikwad. Also featuring - Dr. Salil Latay. Thank You Mrs. Tanuja Deshpande of Sursangini and the wonderful audience at Balgandharva Rangamandir, Pune.
Lighting the traditional lamp on behalf of the singers. Pt. Hrishikesh Mahale (Singer, Composer - Disciple of Jagjitji and Anup Jalotaji) was the Chief Guest. Also seen here is Mr. Ramdas Gaikwad who managed the whole event. 
Singers of this Concert - (L to R) Dr. Salil Latay, Tanuja Deshpande, Avinash Ghonge and Vilas Pujari.
The Full Team in action at my first Ghazal.
The view from the stage.
The wonderful audience. Thank You each and everyone of you! You have been very kind!
Team Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar on 17 Oct 2017. (L to R) - Ramdas Gaikwad (Management), Chintan Modha (Synthesizer), Asif Inamdar (Percussions), Harshad Ganbote (Dholak), Rohit Sane (Tabla), Hardik Raval (Guitar), Avinash Ghonge (Singer), Prajakta Shravane (Compere), Tanuja Deshpande (Singer, Producer), Dr. Salil Latay & Vilas Pujari (Singers), Vikalp Upadhyaya (Harmonium). Sound - Mr. Nilesh (Not in Picture).
News coverage in Marathi Daily - Loksatta, Pune Edition on 27 Oct 2017