19 July 2020 - Pune


19 July 2020 – A milestone

My Mission of Melody of Sukoonbhare Nagme with Vocal Sonata gets a unique opportunity. This opportunity proved that my mission is universally appealing to each one of any faith or belief; with only one quest – Sukoon through meaningful Vocal Music. What a blessing indeed!

Chandraseniya Kayastha Prabhu better known as CKP – an ethno religious division in India’s multicultural milieu – Its Pune based organisation – CKP Centre for Commerce, Industries & Professions organised my concert for its members and special invitees – locally and from various parts of the world...online.
What an amazing reception and appreciation. A memory indeed! 

Thanks to its dynamic President Mrs. Sharmila (Shama) Palkar and her team at CKP Centre, Pune. Thank You so much. Thanks to each one who attended and blessed my Mission of Melody.