22 May 2015 - Pune

Neerja Chauhan Presents... Hasratein... A concert of melodious Hindi Light Vocal Music. Featuring Neerja Chauhan and Dr. Salil Latay. 22 May 2015 at Vedashashtrottejak Sabhaa Sabhaagruha, Pune. Thank You everybody for the overwhelming response! - Team Hasratein.


Thank You Neerjaji for this wonderful opportunity. My best wishes for a great journey with Hasratein! 


Team Hasratein 22 May 2015.

(From L to R) - Pradeep Nargund (Sound), Nachiket Sant, Manoj Sutar (Synthesizer), Dr. Salil Latay (Singer/Synthesizer/Co-Promoter), Neerja Chauhan (Singer/Producer/Promoter), Shilpa Godbole (Compere), Sameer Deshpande (Rhythm). Thank You All!