23 Feb 2020 - Pune


23 Feb 2020 – Pune

Non Resident Indians’ Parents’ Organisation (NRIPO) – An organisation of parents of all those who are making India proud in every country of the globe, organised a Makar Sankranti celebration event featuring – Ek Mehfil Sukoonbhare Nagmo Ke Naam – Vocal Sonata by Dr. Salil Latay

An overwhelming response both during the presentation and after the concert – so much of praise, appreciation and support to my Mission of Melody.

Thank You to each one of the proud parents of NRIs who blessed my Vocal Sonata. Thank You NRIPO for this opportunity.
Thank You – Mr. Suresh Kango (P), Mr. Suresh Natu (VP), Mr. Suhas Kulkarni (Sec), Mrs. Vasundhara Bakshi, Dr. Ravindra Deshmukh and Mr. Rajendra Mahulkar in getting my Mission of Melody to NRIPO. I am truly honoured.