23 Jan 2021 - Mumbai


Vocal Sonata with Sukoonbhare Nagme in the service of my motherland!

On the occasion of India’s 72nd Republic Day, my special concert saluted India. Ek Mehfil Sukoonbhare Nagmo Ki – Mere Desh Ke Naam.

Soft, meaningful songs full of patriotism, positivity and gratitude – a new thought put forth – highly appreciated by all those who attended in large numbers...online.

The credit of getting this special concert to the audience – Rotarian S. Ramanath of Mumbai (Rotary Club of Bombay Hills South), who organised this concert in his personal capacity.
What a big blessing to my Mission of Melody with yet another concept with Sukoon.
Thank You Sir and Thank You All.







कितने अरमाँ बिखरे थे, तब जाके था पाया । न खो दें इसे दोबारा , आजादी का ये साया।

सुकून भरे नग्मों में वतन की बातें। क्या बात है!!

सुकून भरे नग्में भी एक तरह की वतनपरस्ती ही है। आपने कुछ पल के लिए हम सब को जैसे सिपाही बना दिया।

Excellent rendition! Your voice brings out the meaning and feel of words!

- Amol Phanse


Getting Goosebumps..Beautiful voice...Beautiful song...
- Ashish Raiker


आगे ही आगे बढाऊंगा कदम .........एकदम मस्त और सही. हर दिशा में आगे बढ रहा है और किसी से कम नही ,यह तारा बन ही रहा है .जय हिंद!
– Anita Joshi


Wah Wah reminds me .. of our school days!
– Vishnu Kelekar


I am also singing along with you and enjoying
– Kiran Naik


Very good choice of songs...nice singing..
– Maheshwar Katre


All songs are very well chosen
– Kamayani Society, Pune


This concert should be a part of school curriculum, not only for kids but for everyone!
– Vidyut  Latay & Madhulika Bhupatkar



Thank You Rt. S. Ramanath for this wonderful opportunity, Thank You All...JAI HIND!