26 Feb 2017 - Pune
Dr. Salil Latay - Live in Concert - A Tryst With Melody with Jumbish Pune at The Life Studio, Aurora Towers, M G Rd, Pune. A Cosy, Homely Concert with the perfect connoisseurs of all ages for my kind of music, right in the heart of the busy business district of Pune City. Wonderful experience indeed. Thank You Jumbish for this opportunity. Thank You to each one of you who attended.
"We have travelled for nearly 1.30 hours to be here. It was a memorable experience indeed. Your choice of songs was excellent. Will Surely attend all your concerts henceforth." Thank You Madam. You have been very kind.
"I had to be there you see." Thank You Sir for attending.
Heard you for the first time. Fantastic.
Team Dr. Salil Latay with Team Jumbish. — (L to R)Rutik Takale, Manoj Sutar, Rahul Chakraborty,Shankar Mridha, Sameer Deshpande, Neelam Nepte and Diksha Mane at The Life Studio.
Team Dr. Salil Latay of 26 Feb 2017. (L to R) - Rutik Sutar (Rhythm & Sound), Manoj Sutar (Synthesizer & Sound), Dr. Salil Latay (Singer/Synthesizer/Promoter/Producer), Sameer Deshpande (Rhythm)