30 Nov 2018 - Pune


One of the most prestigious Concert of FY19. National Human Resource Development (NHRD) Network, Pune Chapter Presents...
Ek Shaam Sukoonbhare Nagmo Ke Naam. Celebrating the winning of the Best Chapter in India Award for 2017.
Dr. Salil Latay - Live in Concert - Vocal Sonata - The Solo Concert. Friday, 30 November 2018 at 9PM. Poona Club, Pune. 
Presenting my Mission of Melody in front of the creme de la creme of HRD Fraternity in Pune was a great moment indeed.
Thank You NHRDN, Pune. Thank You Ms. Riya Arora (President), Mr. Anand Khot (Vice President), Mr. Aman Rajabali (General Secretary) and all the team at NHRDN, Pune. It was a great honour!
The wonderful setup.
Vocal Sonata in action....The epitome of the term - Solo!
The Galaxy of creme de la creme in the HR World of Pune. Corporates, Educators, Entrepreneurs with HR and Training.
A cross section of the audience - Facing the camera is Ms. Riya Arora (President - Pune Chapter of NHRD - The Captain of the team that won the Best Chapter of India Award for 2017)
Audience in rapt attention.
Every song was appreciated and applauded! 
A spot light...brings the stage and the performer - Alive!!!!!! 
On stage....one has a strange relation with the Stage Lights from top...Its like communication with a different world!!!
The man who got me to this prestigious opportunity - Gen Sec of Pune Chapter of NHRD - Mr. Aman Rajabali - A great supporter and witness to my entire journey of 15+ years with my Mission of Melody. He is also a witness to my transition from being a Corporate Professional to being a First Generation Entrepreneur! Thank You Amanbhai for all your support and help....Also seen behind him is Mr. Vyankatesh Moodliar - A Doyen in the field of HRD - The Founder President of NHRD, Pune Chapter in 1996. He was all praises to my Hindustani Diction and choice of songs. Thank You Sir!