31 Jan 2020 - Pune


31 Jan 2020 - Pune.
4 Inner Wheel Clubs in Pune decide to jointly organise my concert of Sukoonbhare Nagme to bring joy to the elderly as well as special children. A noble gesture at the premises of Tapas Elder Care, Aundh - Pune with its residents, along with the residents of Aniket Sevabhavi Sanstha, Bavdhan - Pune.

Thank You Inner Wheel Club of Khadki Pune (Mrs. Medha Jatar - P - who coordinated the event) for this great opportunity to serve, ably supported by Inner Wheel Club of Baner Hills, Pune (P - Anju Gupta), Inner Wheel Club of Poona Downtown (P - Shagufta Anwar) and Inner Wheel Club of Pimpri (P - Anindita Mukherjee). Thank You to all the residents of Tapas Elder Care - headed by Mrs. Prajakta Wadhavkar.

I salute all those who made this concert possible.

Mrs. Prajakta Wadhavkar of Tapas Elder Care welcoming everyone.








All those who made it possible for my Mission of Melody with Vocal Sonata serve a great cause. Thank You so much.
(L to R) Dr. Salil Latay, Mrs. Medha Jatar (P - Inner Wheel Club of Khadki), Mrs. Manju Sharma (Past Dist. Chairperson - Dist. 313),
Mrs. Shagufta Anwar (P - Inner Wheel Club of Poona Downtown), Mrs. Anindita Mukherjee (P - Inner Wheel Club of Pimpri)
& Mrs. Anuja Gupta (P - Inner Wheel Club of Baner Hills)